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Who are the Wily Wayfarers?


Read the profiles of our puppet adventurers!


Hendrick the Wizard has worked hard to become one of the most brilliant minds in all of Fannowcrest. He prides himself on his mastery of spells, incantations, and magical potions. Hendrick values knowledge and perseverance.

Lady Delphine

Lady Delphine is the valiant knight of the Wayfarers. She is always ready to charge into battle to protect others, or to speak loudly against injustice. Fiercely loyal, Lady Delphine values friendship and service to others.


Rhodes the Ranger is most at home in the woods, learning about the rhythms of nature and talking with his animal friends. He also knows a bit of forest magic! Rhodes values plants, animals, and respect for the natural world.


Waverly the Inventor is always scheming about her next technological breakthrough. Cogs and springs and gears and whatsits abound in the inventor's workshop. Waverly values creativity and technology.

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