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Coming to a library, school, or theatre near you!

Mind, Body... Magic!


Meet Hendrick the wizard, who has mastered magical studies, potions and spell crafting, but still feels something is missing... The answer may surprise you! Learn the science behind how active games and fitness strengthen the brain as well as the body. Join Britt the Bard and the Wily Wayfarers on a quest to discover how mind and body must work together to reach the highest heights!

The Heartfelt Hero


What comes to your mind when you think of a hero? Lady Delphine believes that being a hero means protecting others, fearlessly charging into battles, and defeating villains. On her quest, she learns that sometimes being a hero means being a good listener to someone else. Join Britt the Bard, Lady Delphine and the Wily Wayfarers on this grand adventure!

To Be Announced...


Many more adventures await the Wily Wayfarers. Stay tuned for updates!

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